The Construction Process


After an initial site survey we provide our customers with a concept drawing. This enables us and the client to get a vision for the final pool and how it will sit in relation to the surroundings.

We can then assist you with information regarding planning and licences and put you in contact with local architects. 


How we build our Rigid Pools

Excavation is the first major part of the process. We use three different sizes of machine ranging from a 3 tonne mini-digger through to a large 14 tonne excavator depending on the composition of the soil/rock.

Foundations - The next part of the process is to create suitable foundations. The foundations vary depending on the size of  the pool, it's situation and the soil.

The first construction stage is the External Shuttering.  Once all the shuttering is in place we pump in the concrete. The method we use is called Mono-pour, which means that the walls and floor are created at the same time so there are no joints in the concrete. Our mono-pour system results in a far superior concrete structure. 

Curing - The concrete is then left for around a week to cure, the shuttering is then removed and the pool back filled. Ideally we encourage that the area around the pool is left to settle for several months before building any pool side terraces, although we can also construct immediate terracing, if required. 

Steps - Once the concrete has cured and the shuttering is removed we then install the stairs. Stairs are constructed from concrete and then  topped with granite, or tiled.  The shape is down to the client- squares/rectangular or circular/curved, and can include a seat or ramp if you wish.

Coping - Granite coping stones form the final finish to the top of the pool.  'Amarello' (yellow) granite is our most popular stone which comes from a local quarry and has been bull nosed and sand blasted This gives a good natural look, and a non-slip surface.  

Tiles - We use high quality glass mosaic tiles- in all colours- you can choose from a single shade or make your very own bespoke blend of colours. Natural stone is also a popular choice.

Curing - Once the tiling has been completed we leave it to cure for some time before filling the pool. This gives us a good oportunity to carry out the final work on the pool terraces and to fit all the pool equipment such as; the pump, filters, auto-fill and UV sanitizer.

Chlorinator- a most popular choice is salt chlorinator

Swimming! Finally the pool will be filled, the water balanced and our client can now enjoy a beautiful pool.

Aftercare - We remain on call after completion in order to answer any questions about the pool and maintenance. 
We supply and fit Pool Covers and Showers. All our pools are Guaranteed. We can provide a Pool opening service at the beginning of the swimming season. Maintenance service and Replacement parts are also available.